57th International Mathematical Olympiad 2016 Official Logo Selected

A design featuring a combination of the Peak Tower and the mathematical symbol π (pi) has emerged as the champion of the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad 2016 Logo Design Competition. The design will be used as the official logo of the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2016 to be hosted by Hong Kong in July 2016.

The Logo Design Competition was organised by the Organising Committee of the 57th IMO 2016 of the IMO Hong Kong Committee. A total of 132 submissions were received from secondary school students in Hong Kong by the deadline for submission, 23 February 2014. Judges from various sectors selected a champion, a first runner-up, a second runner-up and 5 honourable mentions based on the originality and aesthetic quality of the designs as well as their connection with mathematics and the 57th IMO 2016.

The champion design was created by three Form 5 students of S.K.H. Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School. It blends the figure of the Peak Tower with the mathematical symbol π. The landscape below the Peak Tower is represented with a curve, which signifies the passing on of the spirits of the IMO. The design also uses the five colours of the IMO: black, blue, yellow, red and green.

“It was a lot of fun to see what secondary school kids can come up with trying to integrate the mathematical olympiad and Hong Kong,” said Dr Roslyn Hammers, Chairperson of the Department of Fine Arts of The University of Hong Kong and a judge in the Logo Design Competition. “The champion design is invigorating and lively.”

The IMO is the annual top-level global mathematics competition for secondary school students. With over 100 participating countries and regions, it aims to provide a platform for exchange and contest for young mathematical talents around the world. Hong Kong will host the 57th IMO in July 2016 with the support of the Education Bureau.

The list of winners, the winning logo designs and the list of judges are attached.


Official logo of the 57th IMO 2016

Winners and judges

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