The International Mathematical Olympiad Hong Kong Committee (IMOHKC) confirmed at this year’s International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) (held from July 18 to July 28 in Santa Marta, Colombia) with the IMO Advisory Board that Hong Kong will host the 57th IMO in 2016.

The IMO is the highest-level and largest global international mathematics competition for secondary school students, and has been held each year in a different country or region since 1959, with the aim of providing a platform for exchange and contest for young mathematical talents around the world. Over the years, the IMO has grown in influence as well as the number of participating countries and regions, which has reached 100 in recent years. A number of IMO participants have eventually become top-notch mathematicians.

Founded in 1986, the IMOHKC aims to promote mathematics education and provide mathematical Olympiad training and other education opportunities for talented Hong Kong students on a voluntary basis. The IMOHKC has been collaborating with the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education in sending teams to join the IMO since 1988. The expenses for participating in the IMO are currently funded by the HKSAR Government. The IMOHKC also worked hand in hand with the Hong Kong Government and various sectors across the community in successfully hosting the 35th IMO in Hong Kong in 1994.

The IMOHKC put forward a bid to host the 57th IMO in 2016 at the IMO Jury meeting held during the 53rd IMO in 2012, and the bid was endorsed by voting. The IMOHKC confirmed with the IMO Advisory Board at the 2013 IMO that Hong Kong will host IMO 2016.

IMO 2016 will be hosted by the International Mathematical Olympiad Hong Kong Committee Limited with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as the Host University and the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government as the Supporting Organisation. The budget for hosting IMO 2016 is estimated to be around 20 million HKD. In this connection, the IMOHKC has begun the seeking of manpower and financial resources, and urges various sectors of society to support this meaningful endeavor.

The IMOHKC has successfully invited Hon. Mrs. Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee to be Honorary Principal Advisor of IMO 2016, Hon. Paul Tse Wai-chun, Dr. Hon. Lo Wai-kwok, Hon. Charles Peter Mok, Hon. Ip Kin-yuen, Dr. Philip Wu Po-him and Ms. Katherine Hung Siu-lin to be Honorary Advisors of IMO 2016, and Hon. Bernard Chan to be a Patron of IMO 2016. The Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences is also willing to support this event.

The IMOHKC is of the opinion that Hong Kong’s hosting of IMO 2016 will not only promote the education industry and propel the development of Hong Kong’s knowledge economy, but also foster the interest in mathematics, science and technology in the city and the country, as well as demonstrating Hong Kong’s development under “One Country, Two Systems” after its reunification with China, thereby enhancing Hong Kong’s and China’s global image.

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